Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Amanda Ball

Amanda Ball is an Oklahoma author with six books in print under three different names and in three different categories: mystery, romance and chick lit.  Don’t try to pin this woman down; you’ll wear yourself out. Go instead to her web page at
and to her blog at

Plan to spend some time there. Then you can hop on over to You Tube and listen to her sing “HeartBreakVille” -- a song for football fans at
and “I Got The Blues” at

Snapshot: Amanda Ball is her maiden name. She spent a lot of years in England and France, and now lives in a small north central Oklahoma town where she belongs to the Chamber of Commerce. She’s a world-class photographer, makes movies and has her own You Tube channel where she sometimes sings with her band, the Ballroom Bruisers.  

Music being her first love, she plays (among other things) piano, organ, guitar, clarinet, and dabbles at bass, drums, mandolin, banjo, accordian, lap steel and dobro. As a songwriter/publisher she has a 380-song catalog. Whew! So what about her mystery,
FOREVER 11:59?

It’s the first book in a new series featuring Carter Thompson, a witty, sarcastic, observant woman who arrives in Autumn, Kansas to help her Great Aunt Edna celebrate her 80th birthday. When a murder is committed and Carter finds she can't leave town, her powers of observation and curiosity kick in.

Go, Amanda! I think I’ll eat a sandwich and then lie down for a while.

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